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What is Surplus Optics equipment?

Surplus optics equipment is designed for aiming, bore sighting, observation, and fire control systems. Since the army orders the optics in bulk, most of them are not used to their limits. Some are taken to military surplus depots after introducing new models. The optics are stored for emergencies or sold to the civilian market through surplus vendors like us!

The standards of military & government surplus optics are superior to the typical civilian optics. This makes them a popular choice for individuals who need more precise and accurate results. Shooting enthusiasts, hunters, and other civilians prefer these military optics since they enable MIL-STD (military standard) accuracy.

At Glenn’s Army Surplus, we have many military surplus collectible optics. Some surplus optics equipment includes:

        Night Vision Accessories

        Tactical Flashlights

        IR IFF ( Infrared and Friend or Foe) lights and personnel identification tools

        Helmet Lights

        Field binoculars

If you are a shooting enthusiast, camper, or outdoorsman looking for a precise and rugged field of view, you can find the government surplus optics you need.

Why Buy Surplus Government Issued Optics?

New optics & lighting equipment can be expensive. Buying military surplus optics and lighting equipment saves you money since the equipment comes at an affordable price. Berry Compliant, US Made Surplus optics will last a lifetime due to the quality demanded by the military. Purchasing used military optics offers assurance that the equipment has been put into action at least once.

If you purchase surplus optics from Glenn’s Army Surplus, you will be sure that they are in brilliant condition. The optic equipment we offer is perfect for anyone looking for high-end equipment designed beyond standard specifications.

Shop Genuine Military Surplus Optics Today

Are you looking for military optics to enhance your experience on the shooting range or hunting grounds? We’ve got you covered at Glenn’s Army Surplus. Check out our military surplus collection to learn more and order now!

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